Hi, I’m Michelle Bazargan

I am known for my ability to be an “alchemist,” translating complex, outdated business, leadership, and technology concepts into “human speak” with pragmatic actions that ignite culture change.

Over my two-decade professional journey, I’ve invested countless hours fostering connections with hundreds of dynamic teams, from nimble startups to Fortune 500 organizations, collaborating with individuals across diverse levels and industries. My journey from escaping a war, facing the adversities of being an immigrant, to rising as a distinguished voice in business and technology embodies the essence of what is possible with bravery and curiosity.

As a global executive advisor, conscious leadership coach, author, and sought-after speaker for TEDx and keynotes, I guide a wide range of organizations and am deeply committed to inspiring people to shed limitations, use their voices, and embrace their brilliance.

Although machines will play more of a role in our future, we are humans, not robots; we thrive when we’re free to be ourselves. Our nature is to connect, collaborate, and contribute to one another. When we’re free to be creative and take risks without looking over our shoulders, we’re not merely surviving— we’re thriving. Let’s work together to create a future that includes us!